Don Ambrogio Spínola Doria, marqués de los Balbases (1569-1630), was an Italian general in Spanish Habsburg service.

  • 1569: born in Genoa, the eldest son of Filippo Spinola, marquis of Sesto and Benafro, and his wife Polissena, daughter of the prince of Salerno.
  • 1602: marched overland to Flanders with the men he had raised at his own expense.
  • 1603: gven operational command of the Siege of Ostend.
  • 1604: Fall of Ostend.
  • 1605: appointed commander in chief of the Army of Flanders.
  • 1614: War of Jülich
  • 1624-25: Siege of Breda.
  • 1628: Visited Spain.
  • 1629: Returned to Italy
  • 1630: Died at the Siege of Casale

Don A. Rodriguez Villa, Ambrosio Spinola, primer marqués de los Balbases (Madrid, 1905).