Wtvaert Alberti Eertz-Hertoghe Van Oostenrijck, Hertogh van Brabandt, Graeve van Vlaenderen, Hollandt, &c. Ghedaen binnen Brussel inde maent Meert 1622.

(Funeral of Albert, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Brabant, Count of Flanders, Holland, etc. Conducted within Brussels in the month of March 1622.)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, undated


Lying in stateEdit

  • In the Court Chapel on the Coudenberg


  • Those processing from the Court Chapel to the Minster: Archbishop of Mechelen, Archbishop of Cambrai; Bishop of Antwerp, Bishop of Ghent, Bishop of Bruges, Bishop of Ypres, Bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch, Bishop of Roermond, Bishop of Tournai, Bishop of Arras, Bishop of St Omer, Bishop of Namur; Abbot of St Vaast, Abbot of St Bertin, Abbot of St-Pieters-Gent, Abbot of St Amand, Abbot of St Maximin Trier, Abbot of St Cornelis Munster, Abbot of St Hubert Ardennes, Abbot of Giblou Vlierbeek, Abbot of Marchennes, Abbot of Anchin, Abbot of Hasnon, Abbot of Haultmont, Abbot of St Denis Mons, Abbot of St Jan Ypres, Abbot of Oudenborch, Abbot of Crespin, Abbot of Cambron, Abbot of Villers, Abbot of Clermareu, Abbot of Dunes, Abbot of Vancelles, Abbot of Floreffe, Abbot of St Michael's, Antwerp, Abbot of Park, Abbot of Tongerlo, Abbot of Grimbergen, Abbot of Helissen, Abbot of Averbode, Abbot of Dielegem, Abbot of Berne, Abbot of Drongen, Abbot of St Cornelis Ninove, Abbot of Bon Esperance, Abbot of Viconie; Lords of the Golden Fleece, Marquises, Counts, 10 Noblemen of each province.
  • Route: from the Court, along the Steenweg past St Mary Magdalen, over the Old Fishmarket, past St Nicholas, over the New Fishmarket, the Senne Bridge, Torf-Sinne, Mande Bridge, past the Dominican house, along Stormstraat to St Gudula's
  • Those walking before the body: the Archduke's pages, Count of Noyelle, Count of Reulx, Count of Middelburg, Lord Dandelot, etc., Marquis Spinola (Mayordomo mayor)
  • Pallbearers: Prince of Chimay, Prince of Barbanzon, Marquis of Bade, Duke of Aumale, Count of Egmont.
  • Those walking behind the body: the papal nuncio, the Spanish Ambassador, Count of Berlaymont, Prince of Ligne, Marquis of Marnay, Count of Solre, Duke of Aarschot, Duke of Croy, Count of Emden, Count of Hoogstraten, Count of Salazar (Marquis Belvider), Prince of Espinoy, President and members of the Privy Council, Councillors of Finances, Chancellor and members of the Council of Brabant, Chambers of Account, Magistrates of Brussels, Archers of His Highness's Guard.
  • Crowds of people from Artois, Hainaut, Flanders, Luxemburg, Limburg, Brabant and further afield had come to Brussels for the occasion. One room with a view of the processional route was hired for 100 guilders for a few hours. The last resting place is in the choir of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament of Miracles, before the main altar, as requested in the Archduke's will.


  • For copperprint images of the solemnity


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